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The Cobblestones went to Grafton…

This weekend was set to be an exciting one! Post Gulf Shores vacation we planned a trip, for grown ups only, to Grafton, IL to partake in a bit of life’s rewards for the mature, drinking. Wine, beer, mixers, water and flat soda combined with a few good friends, tasty foods and a cool atmosphere, yep! This is what being a responsible adult is all about! Let’s throw a few of these back and forget all of our troubles and act like teenagers for the night! 

I wish I’d taken more photos of the beauty of Aeries Winery in Grafton, Il. It’s posted atop a Mississippi River bluff, only a couple hundred feet from the flood of 1993 river crest, and gorgeous! The day was hot, but we were appointed a fun and energetic young waiter, Tyler, who put up with us as we changed tables not one but 3 times to afford us the luxury of getting into our prime seats!! Yes, you may be thinking now, I bet these people were obnoxious, and yes! You are most certainly right!!! 

But here’s the thing, it’s been a long hot summer already, and we have all just returned from family vacations, and we were so looking forward to this night. The majority of us have been neighbors for 15 years ish, there’s been so much life lived together on Cobblestone, our home street, that sometimes we just need to bust out of the court and let loose on some new ground! So often we speak to each other in bits of broken sentences through the screaming of children and barking of dogs, these little weekend trips are where we find who we are again, as just us adults. Don’t we all need that sometimes? Just a little reminder that we are actual people, who like to play our own games, and drink our own sort of juice boxes and listen to our own kind of music without fear of forgetting to download the censored version. To be ourselves for a bit, uncensored! Sure, I ate hamburgers on buns yesterday, and drank more beers than I will admit to my fitness pal, but all of it was worth it! I came back home with these same people and we have something to carry us through until the next time. Thanks for the memories Cobblestones!!


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